WELCOME to Missouri Walnut, LLC. Founded in 2002, Missouri W...
Missouri Walnut
WELCOME to Missouri Walnut, LLC.

Founded in 2002, Missouri Walnut is a family owned business located in Southwest Missouri. We focus exclusively on producing the finest Black Walnut lumber on the market today. With over three generations of experience in the manufacturing and processing of Black Walnut, we have a long standing tradition of excellence. We pride ourselves on consistently supplying our customers all over the world with the best product available.
At Missouri Walnut, we strive to do more than just sell a product; we are committed to quality and value. Our team makes every effort to meet the individual needs of our customers by choosing to be flexible and accommodating. With every sale, the staff at Missouri Walnut hopes to establish a long term relationship through communication and solid dedication after the sale. Our goal is to have a family of customers who are satisfied and looking forward to their next opportunity to do business with Missouri Walnut. 

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